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The Fear of the Lord

January 23, 2009

Genesis 22 has one of the purest examples of the fear of the Lord. Here’s Abraham with his only son. He wakes up one day, and is informed by God that he is to take Isaac to the mountains and sacrifice him.

Just as he was about to carry out the sacrifice, God stops him and tells him not to slay his only son, he provided a ram for the sacrifice.

Because of this fearful obedience, the nation of Israel sprung forth.

Abraham passed the test.


God Blesses!

December 15, 2008

My wife and I were discussing our budget, and came to the realization that we may have trouble buying gifts for our children.

Later on, I walk out my door and find three envelopes tucked under the storm door.

We open the envelopes. One is a paycheck with a couple hundred extra that my wife forgot about, the other a gift from a relative for a decent amount of money!

So while we had some unexpected bills this month that set us back, God provided in His awesome way!