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Blood boiling

January 18, 2013

What happened in Newtown was terrible.  It did not need to happen.  The reaction is probably far worse.  Why?  While it was a predictable reaction, and based on emotion (or some conspiracy theorists would believe this is all part of the plan), we will not solve the problem of gun violence in this country.  We are ignoring the big elephant in the room.  Bring it down to race, however horrible that sounds, but the majority of murders that come at the end of a smoking gun occur in gun free zones where poverty runs rampant and the drug war rules the streets.

The innocent dwellers of those neighborhoods stand no chance.  They are not allowed to protect themselves.  Many can’t rely on the police, because the police have an us vs. them mentality.  Why bother, when the cops won’t even protect you, and by law, aren’t required to?  Also, the cliche is true: when seconds count, the police will be there in minutes.

Anti-gun legislation is racist.  And you should be ashamed for supporting it.  

Going back to Newtown.  A gun free zone in a state with strict gun laws.  We know the killer tried to purchase a gun, but failed.  How do you prevent a gun free zone?  The only real answer is to enforce it with guns.  The system failed miserably.  Don’t argue that, you can’t. The very legislation that you anti-gun nuts pushed for did not stop this, and the recent measures in NY and from the White House will not stop future mass murders.

Everything you think you know about guns is based on fantasy.  Rather than wasting time on more unconstitutional measures that limit our right to practice the 2nd, you should take a look at violent crime statistics.  Include demographics for good measure, but that will make you feel uncomfortable, because you don’t want to be labeled a racist.  Face it, black people in gun free zones are killing each other with illegally obtained weapons.  And it is largely due to your elected officials whom you supported for decades.  The war on drugs is not helping to raise them up, but keeping them down, living in fear.  Fearing for their grandsons, nephews, sons, and brothers.  

We all know that the next attempt at making these neighborhoods safe will do nothing to stop it.  Arm the innocents and end the war on drugs.  Until then, we’re allowing a third world war to continue in our advanced society.  It is easy for you, the anti-gun nut, to criticize every redneck with a gun, using ultra-liberal, atheistic, and psychopathic white boys pumped full of meds to push your agenda.  You don’t have all the facts.  You think that moving into a gentrified neighborhood from your midwestern suburb hicktown somehow makes you different and qualified on all things inner city because you got off the wrong stop that one time.

AGN, you’re a fool.  And stupid.  And finally, you’re racist.



I’m All For Gun Rights, But…

September 22, 2008

So I read an article about a 2 year old who got his hands on his dad’s .40 and accidentally killed himself.  His father was asleep, the gun was lying on the night stand.  Mother comes in screaming to this horrible tragedy.

This leaves me wondering.  Why would someone leave a loaded weapon within reach of a 2 year old?  A 2 year old boy is always going to be attracted to a gun.  Always.  This pisses me off.  It is irresponsible parents like this who give gun owners a bad name.

We don’t have guns (or do we?).  I wouldn’t let my kids know about them until they are old enough to handle them with responsibility.