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The Treasure Principle

October 28, 2008

So at the suggestion of my pastor, my wife and I started reading through a Bible study called, “The Treasure Principle”, by Randy Alcorn.

The first chapter starts as an introduction to what the Treasure Principle is, and the reward it entails.  My wife and I were impressed by the fact that storing up worldy treasures is pointless, because our worldly treasures will fly away like a bird.  When John D. Rockerfeller died, his lawyer was asked how much he left, and the answer:  “All of it.”

As a Christian living in the US, I can be easily distracted by bills, and necessities, and material things.  We frequently struggle with paying the bills, but somehow we are able to do so each month.  Recently we have started to prioritize our tithe before our expenses.  Not that this is some magic formula, but in the last month, I have received $100.00 in Gift Cards, and a family member is offering to supply us with some money so that we can install a picket fence, and repair some household items!

The Treasure Principle means two things.  First, our giving (whether in money or in self) should be done joyfully.  The reward is that once in heaven, we will receive three types of treasures:  Jesus.  Heaven.  Physical Treasures rewarded a hundredfold!  Second, our giving rewards us with joy.  Joy is underrated and underutilized.

As we start to change our focus of tithing, I think we have become more aware of our expenditures.  We have definitely cut back on eating out all the time, and buying unnecessary material items!  God has shown that He has been blessing us, but we have been poor stewards of our blessings.

This is not something that has occurred over night.  Years ago, we were about $40,000.00 in debt!  We prayerfully considered our actions to cause that situation and immediately cut our credit cards.  When the credit cards were gone, we were able to quickly pay off our school loans, car loans, and personal loans!  We were out of debt within a couple years of praying about it.

Sure we had our ups and downs, but God blessed us.  Had we known then what we know now, we may have had a tidy savings, instead of an empty bank account.  This is our next step, I believe.

Yes, I know I’m more focused on our personal income, but this all ties together.  I have to take care of my family, and it starts with being a good steward.  Good stewardship takes manly discipline.

If you are interested, you may purchase this short book for only a couple of bucks at Amazon.  I think it will open your eyes to some Biblical principles that are largely overlooked these days, but are perhaps just as important as ever in Christian history!

We will be reading a chapter each week, so I’ll update this site each time and try to be upfront about our progression as we seek to be joyful givers!