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Kemper Crabb and Artistry

July 24, 2008

Growing up, I received the magazine HM (Heaven’s Metal) as a gift from my Uncle Mike.  Towards the back of the magazine, there used to be an article (and it may still be there, I need to resubscribe to HM) called The Christian & Art.  These were always interesting articles that ran deeper then the typical interviews and album reviews throughout the rest of the magazine.  From spirtuality to artistry in the Christian life, he obviously knew what he was talking about.

So, after reading the HM editor’s blog on his site, he mentioned Kemper and sparked a flood of memories.  Curious to see how he is doing, I checked out his site: http:\\  He is a pastor, and a worship leader traveling around with various messages and concerts. From the video here, his Christmas concert looks awesome:

Most notable was his solo album “The Vigil” which was appreciated by the likes of Kerry Livgren, SRV, and R. Wakeman.  Click here to order (and no, I’m not getting any money for this link).  Check out the reviews, nothing but solid admiration of this album.  I believe my Uncle had this one and spun it quite frequently back then.

He is also in the band Atomic Opera and Arkangel.

Basically, a man like Kemper seems to have no limits in creativity.  As a Christian, and especially as a musician, it is easy to become pigeon holed into one particular genre.  It is all too often rare that Christians are the ground breaking cutting edge individuals setting the standards for the arts and music.  Just listening to some of his music, I realize that I have a long way to go.