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Celtics cool off……………

January 8, 2009

What can I say?  The new year hasn’t been kind to the Celtics so far.  There’s not much explanation for these losses.  They are just tanking it.  These losses, for the most part, aren’t take aways, either.  They’re heart breakers!  

No longer can they claim the best record.  Every team in the NBA has something to prove when they play the NBA Champs.  Have they forgotten this?  It is not as if their talent suddenly took a nosedive and they returned to the “glories” of the last 15 years.

Maybe it is this Stephon talk.  Maybe he’s such a bad element for a team, that even the thought of him sharing your locker room causes players to deflate.  Look at the Knicks.  They don’t look so bad since SM decided to come out of the closet about his love for KG and the Celtics.  Suddenly, the players know he’s not even a distraction anymore.  Let the Celtics handle that drama.

Meanwhile, the Cavaliers continue to make their case.  The Lakers are as hot as they’ve ever been, and other strong teams have shown they too can beat the champions.


Celtics: Change the game plan

December 31, 2008

After attaining one of the greatest winning streaks in NBA history, and the greatest 29 game start in NBA history, they’ve begun to slump a bit.  Sure, they had that one easy game against possibly the worst team in the league, they suffered another loss against a slightly above average team. The third quarter did them in.

The Lakers seemed to figure them out.  Or, the fatigue of winning so many in a row becomes mental.  Which is it?  I lean towards mental fatigue.  They were dominating everyone in their way, and we all know that the East is the tough league now.

They had a great first half, here’s hoping for an even better second half.

In the end, it will likely come down the Lakers and Celtics again.  If the Lakers feel that they have them figured out, I think they’ll be sorely disappointed.  Of course, the Celtics have the realistic challenge of overcoming King James.

Really?  The LA Lakers (what lakes?) have to worry about New Orleans?  Thats it??  That’s not even a challenge to them.  Whatever the case, the East will take the crown, and it will likely be KG balling his eyes out, Pierce pointing to the crowd, and Sasha throwing a towel while crying for his big, Eastern European mommy.