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Liberals Land Grab

June 3, 2008

Here’s an example of a town taking private property (or at least attempting to) from a wealthy capitalist right outside Telluride.

The Colorado Supreme Court today ruled that parks and open space are so important in Colorado cities have the right to condemn property – even outside their borders – to prevent development on land officials want for the public. Here.

Colorado is a beautiful state. Unfortunately, I believe it has become overrun with a bunch of transplants from California, Oregon, and New York. The owner of the property (again is outside the town line of Telluride) proposed building some houses on 64 acres of his property and then giving the rest to the town for preservation purposes. Some local wealthy residents (liberals) want the land for their own purposes and opposed his idea.

So, the Co Supreme Court, (lined with the liberals’ money, obviously) decided that the 600 acres that this gentleman owns belongs to the town.

This is what you get folks. When you vote for crooks and liberals, you get a bunch of land-grabbing hogs set on stealing everyone’s hard earned wealth. Speaking of hogs, they must run things like Boss Hogg. After all, he was all set on stealing Uncle Jesse’s land more than once.