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New Zealand

November 13, 2008

I have wanted to visit Down Under for years now.  Since I was a young child, in fact.  Recently I have been reading up on New Zealand.  Sure, it is well known that the land is beautiful.  Peter Jackson and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy established that some years ago.  And beauty is exciting.

What I’ve been trying to find out is about their culture.  Sure, they are a mostly Caucasian society that speaks English, so they share some cultural similarities with America.  On the other hand, they only have 4 million inhabitants.  So while I understand they have some amount of socialism, it seems to be a lot smaller than the American version.

So maybe in the long term, my wife and I will consider New Zealand as a possible escape if America grows out of control.  I love America, but I have to do what is best for my wife and kids.  If that means packing it up and moving to a remote nation on the other side of the world, then that is what I’ll do.  In the meantime, I will try to make the best of the situation we are in and pray for God’s wisdom.