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Jersey Shore Kinda Weekend

May 25, 2008

I’m down at the inlaws right now just bumming around.  We’re about to head out to LBI (the other side of the bay) to have lunch at the Barnegat Lighthouse and hit up the beach all afternoon.  Maybe we’ll get in some mini golf for good measure.  My wife can always beat me, and my almost 2 year old daughter is about as good as me.  I just enjoy whacking balls as hard as possible.

RANT:  Subway has a contest in which all grade schoolers (public and private) are invited to enter a sweepstakes writing contest.  The winner will get $5,000.00 to their school for athletic equipment. The one problem?  They specifically exclude homeschoolers from this.  Sheesh.  While my daughter is too young, we are going to homeschool.  We can’t afford a Christian private school, and feel that the public school system anywhere is simply inferior.  Test results and scholastic achievements will affirm this time and time again.

Anyway, don’t eat Subway, support your local greasy sub shop for the next time you are tempted to eat a grinder.