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The Green Fad

June 24, 2008

Why can’t I read about technology without stumbling upon articles about “going green” these days?  A site I have enjoyed for some time has gone from technological informant to greenvangelist in the last year or so.  It is to the point of total irritation.

I want to geek about the latest CPU developments, or how MS Vista is a resource hog.  I don’t care if a PC distributor is now using recycled cardboard boxes to offset their C02 footprint.  Because the underlying message from these sites (and one in particular) is that those who disagree with global warming and drive SUVs are idiots.

Well, I mostly ride a bicycle to work.  If I cared about “environmentalism” I’d frequent sites that were dedicated to environmentalism.  And I wouldn’t expect them to spend a majority of time spitting out articles related to upload speeds and piracy issues.

Yes, I understand those that write the tech. articles tend to be young and “hip”.  It is indeed “hip” to go green right now.  Stupid fads fade, but this one seems to be hanging on a little too long.  And the amount of ignorant statements postulating global warming as man-made are out of control.  Simply put, these “authors” (puppets) are the modern day equivelant to the ancient flat earth society members.  Throwing science out the door, they simply rely on a gore and a wink of theories to prove their point.

Tiring.  Very tiring.  I have been arguing against the man-made global warming theory for years.  We have credible meteorologists and climatologists decrying it, yet the naysayers simply cover their ears singing “lalala…lalala…lalala”.

Please, give it a rest.  Let us discuss the issue of Apple’s ongoing assault on open source technology, or how Novell is no longer a playmaker in the industry.