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Christians and War

August 7, 2008

Is it permissable according to the Word of God for Christians to engage in acts of war?

You know, I seriously haven’t considered this before, but as a country that founded itself on Judeo-Christian principles, there were surely some Christians whether in leadership or in the lower ranks who fought against the British so that they could have independence.

On the other hand, Christ wasn’t the most violent guy to walk around.  Sure, he showed some righteous anger when clearing out the temple, but I don’t know that he actually killed any of them.

Then again, the Old Testament records plenty of wars that were condoned and commanded by God the Father.

Does this mean that we as Christians are allowed to go to war?  Or, following the example of Jesus and the Apostles, is worldly war a thing of the past for Christians?


And so it continues…

August 4, 2008

The world is convinced that Iran is the bad guy and we should all run in terror if they were ever to get their hands on nuclear missiles:,2933,396921,00.html

The Neocon ride is just beginning.  Don’t stand up, otherwise your head will get chopped off.