Is The Seller Scared?

In a previous post I had mentioned we closed on a house. This is untrue. We were supposed to, but through various delay tactics, we are now almost into August without a house. Today was supposed to be closing. She went over there with the real estate agent to do a final walk through. Unfortunately, after given a month to fix things that were contingencies in the contract, the seller has not done anything. Granted, he was sick for the last week, but that does not account for the other 3 or 4 weeks.

The seller and my wife agreed verbally to close on Wednesday depending on what our lawyer says. Well, our lawyer thought it would be fine, but then our lawyer spoke with his lawyer, and said that my wife was being pushy, and that actually, the seller wanted to close on Friday! Outright lie! Anyone that knows my wife, understands that she is not pushy, in fact she is a bit shy. Anyway, now we are agreeing to close on Friday as long as everything is fixed (final walk through on Friday).

The stuff to fix is mostly minor, but there were some safety things he signed to fix, like a railing installation on some steps, an outlet that is not grounded, etc.

I have a feeling this guy is giving us the run around and is simply trying to back out. Just tell us if you changed your mind. We don’t have all of our lives to wait around.


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