Turn Around Came Just in Time!

I’ll be the first to admit that I started panicking way too early. When the team was struggling and creating ways to lose, I pretty much gave up on them.

One week can change things, and this week has been an enjoyable one. With just four games left and a three game lead over the Yankees, it looks like the Red Sox will finally regain the American League East Division Championship. The last time they won, was 1995. The start of my sophomore year of high school. That team featured big names like Mo Vaughn and Roger Clemens, long time veterans like Mike Greenwell, John Valentin, and Luis Alicea. Some then unknowns played prime time that year, like Matt Stairs, Scott Hatteberg, and Aaron Sele. Jose Canceso was the DH that year. The only player from that roster that remains on the Sox today is Tim Wakefield.

Then again, there aren’t too many players that were with the 2004 roster. If this team wins it all this year, I hope they aren’t so quick to dismantle it.


4 Responses to “Turn Around Came Just in Time!”

  1. Dan Says:

    Due to witnessing several painful august and sept. collapses while growing up, I tend to panic when the Sox descend into lethargy. I guess Francona was right in resting his exhausted players. The season, in my view, is too long. In the days of Babe Ruth, the World Series was done by mid-September. But, of course we have divisions and playoffs that they didn’t have … and the leagues were grouped all together and whoever came in first went to the WS. I would like to see a season end in early Sept. and have the playoffs then. Just some thoughts.

  2. metaljaybird Says:

    The season is longer now, but the league was more competitive back in Ruth’s day.

    The Sox have benefited tremendously because of the WildCard, so I am not ready to take it away yet.

  3. Dan Says:

    We could still have wild cards etc.. just start it earlier.The Red Sox definitely have benefitted withthe wirld card system.

  4. john xin Says:

    thank you of course

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