The Death of the Establishment Republican Party

Ron Paul won the CPAC straw poll this year. He won it based on sound domestic and foreign policies. He won it, because unlike the rest of the Republican Party, he retained the traditional conservative policies of fiscal conservatism and strict, originalist constitutionalism.

For years, the Republican Party has been run by a bunch of leftover war-hawk liberals, or as we now call them, neoconservatives. These neocons have a foreign policy that pushes for “pre-emptive” war. They support bank bailouts and an unbalanced budget. As a result of the establishment Republicans, and their Democratic cohorts, we are in constant war throughout the world, we have the highest per capita prison population of all developed nations, and we have a deficit that is growing at alarming and unsustainable rates.

The conservatives of history never voted for an unbalanced budget. They always were the ones to vote against wars wherever needed. As Mr. Paul said at CPAC, when Eisenhower was confronted by France over the Suez Canal, and France and England asked for America’s support, his response was no, “we’ll have none of that!”

After the tyrannical laws enacted during the progressive era of Wilson, Americans grew tired of wars, domestic spying, and the strong arm of big government. Wilson gave us the income tax, the Federal Reserve, and he was possibly the worst president in the history of the USA. Coolidge came in at the right time.

Going back to Eisenhower. In his departing speech, he warned of the Military Industrial Complex. His prophetic statement about an economy that is centered around the war industry will cause that nation to become engaged in wars for as long as the war industry has power.

I think Ike understood the implications of war more than most.

Now, look at Ronald Reagan. Here was a president who grew the military, but did not jump into every conflict possible. He didn’t try to police the world like Clinton and Bush. He wasn’t perfect, but he had some good policies that were good for the economy and good for the nation.

Contrast him with George Bush. Suddenly we are in multiple wars, the government has expanded to an alarming rate, and our freedoms are compromised all in the name of security. We have an economy designed to serve a chosen elite few from Wall Street and Washington DC, and now a delusional president comes in thinking he can fix that economy by expanding the same policies his predecessor enacted.

As a result, the Tea Party movement has grown. The first Tea Party was started by a bunch of Ron Paul revolutionaries leading up the the Republican presidential campaign. Tea Partiers are not hate mongers. They simply want a small, limited government. They realize that big government always means a reduction of our personal liberties.

The Tea Party movement, and in particular, the libertarian wing of the Tea Party movement is weary of big government faux-conservatives like Bush, Giuliani, Arnold, and McCain. Ron Paul is the only politician in DC that represents the interests of the young conservatives who are willing to sacrifice the big government to get our freedoms back.

Right now, the talking heads like Rush, and Hannity are trying to belittle Ron Paul as nothing more than a lunatic extremist. They say his war policy is “dangerous for America”. Mark Levin had a particularly anti-Liberty rant against Ron Paul when he tried to paint him as some sort of liberal lunatic fringe after the CPAC straw poll results. This is ironic, because of everyone at CPAC, Ron Paul was the only one who truly understood economics, conservative war policies, and civil liberties.

These talking heads had better start coming around to the liberty end of the Republican Party, or they are going to get left behind like the rest of the neocons and big government liberals.

Americans everywhere are starting to wake up and realize that the ever expanding government has sold us a boat of lies with it’s promises of security and prosperity.



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