Systems Management Server 2003

My company put me in charge of our SMS 2003.  We have not implemented it yet, but it will need to be installed and configured using our Active Directory Schema.  I have been slowly studying the concepts and practice of proper systems management, but it is a far cry from my usual job.

I was required to have a testing environment by June 29th, so now I’m in panic mode.  Luckily for me (unlucky for our network specialist), they have misplaced the SMS disk.   That will hopefully buy me some more time to finish studying and get my plan in order.

Anyone with experience using SMS?  If so, what was the most practical way to install and deploy the Advanced Client?  Any common problems that I should be made aware of?  My initial plan is to get this installed and using on a few machines.  We will not be using this on our servers.  For SMS admins, what is the most common part of SMS that your company uses?

Any help is appreciated.


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