The Fairness Doctrine

The Fairness Doctrine is a law that some lawmakers want to establish that will set to “give equal time to equal sides”.  So, if someone is discussing a conservative viewpoint with a rather positive perspective, then there will have to be someone to give equal time to an opposing view.

I find the Fairness Doctrine to be constitutionally unsound.  If we are indeed a free market society, then shouldn’t we have the right to express our perspective without the intrusion of some government law?  Why should a business entity of any sort be required to do this?

Let us walk away from radio for a minute, because we all know this is where the liberal piranhas are trying to sink their yellow stained teeth.  So, walking away from radio, let us look at another market entity:  Major League Baseball.  I will focus on my team of choice.  In Boston, there are many sports bars.  And in these many sports bars, you will notice a lot of posters, banners, and autographed pictures of players.  The banners, and posters, etc., will most likely be symbols of the Boston Red Sox.  It would be factual to classify these bars as Red Sox Bars.  So, in order to be fair, maybe these sports bars should be required by law to display Yankee paraphernalia.  They should have the Yankee game and Red Sox game on at the same time.

Of course, that would be ludicrous.  So is the Fairness Doctrine.  The Fairness Doctrine is unfair because what can be fair about forcing an industry to give positive perspective to something that it does not want to?

Hillary, Boxer, and many left wing (republican or democrat) politicians seek to make this law.

Stupid idiots.


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