Hillary’s Myspace Page

So, myspace is officially old. She has her own profile, of course, if she ever even looked at it, I would be surprised. Her staff probably maintains it, just perusing the comments part, and I didn’t notice any negative comments. Way to be for free speech.

The comments are so irritating. Made up entirely of ill informed followers. Hillary probably won’t do as much damage to our nation as Bush has, but she’ll continue down the road that began with Bush I, continued with Clinton I, and expanded with Bush II.

I just don’t understand these democrats. If you vote for Hillary, you basically get the same war mongering for oil that the Bushies brought. She shows no intention of pulling out, and she supported the stupid war from the get go.

– Enjoy the comments. The love feast going on here will rival any Growing Pains episode on cheesiness.

I’m not sure if Ron Paul has a realistic shot, being that the media wants nothing to do with him, but he’ll have a heck of a shot after Hillary has done her 4 years.


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