Techies: Have you noticed an increase in Spoofing/Spam?

The solutions company I work for has noticed a large increase in customer complaints regarding email spoofing and spam hitting users inboxes.

A typical scenario so far, is that someone’s legitimate email address will become spoofed and then that user will receive a large amount of NDRs.  Or, spam will appear to be sent internally through fake usernames@legitimate  The spam filter is typically set to allow without filtering.  When doing a typical analysis, we find that the messages are originating from ISPs located in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Spoofing, and spam is nothing new, but I seriously believe that something new is on the rise that is beginning to outsmart current mail security measures.  Reply back if you have noticed this also.


One Response to “Techies: Have you noticed an increase in Spoofing/Spam?”

  1. John Feeney Says:

    No question there is a rise in such activity. We find it funny that it comes on the heals of recent articles in publications questioning large organizations that might adobt Web 2.0 social networking applications.

    This afternoon we visited a client that is totally committed on April 1, to lock down access and only allow email from company server on company domain. With a new filtering applications that has too pre-approve all emails. Too the point of shuting off their customer inquire page from their web site.

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