Christmas Came

So I got the Nintendo Wii for Christmas. My wife’s family played a trick on me a couple day before Christmas (when we chose to celebrate with them). After passing out all the gifts, I came out with a couple shirts and a gift card to Dunkin Donuts.

Well. What’s this? Yep, they fooled me! My broinlaw pulls out another box and passes it to me. Yes, the Nintendo Wii is now a member of our household.

I love it, and have been playing non stop since Christmas Eve. The workout isn’t bad. Certainly better than sitting on my duff playing Madden on my PC (which reminds me, I have to adjust my wishlist on Amazon. Madden 09 looks awesome for the Wii).

Anyway, we had a relatively peaceful Christmas (for once). We stayed at home and let the kiddos open their gifts. Christmas Eve was spent down in the basement assembling my daughter’s toy kitchen from makers, Melissa and Doug. I think I spent 2.5 hours on this one. Something tells me that spending Christmas Eve assembling toys will become the norm in the years to follow.

It was nice have two days off in a row. Thanksgiving was spent driving around New England visiting family members, so I was quite exhausted. This time, we just totally bummed around.

I’m looking forward to the new year with some goals in mind. I hope to complete my Microsoft exams so I can get a nice raise and promotion. I hope to play a lot more guitar, and get back into playing at church. I pray our country takes a swing for the better. Meaning, we all turn to the one true God and follow Him and His ways.


10 Responses to “Christmas Came”

  1. Jamie R Says:

    I found a more relaxing game, Wii Mario Kart, now only my thumb gets sore the next day. Steering wheel is a piece of piss. I need to now go back and ace the only two cups I haven’t yet, albeit on 50cc… well hey only got it last night in the after Christmas specials. Lucky I found a copy.

  2. metaljaybird Says:

    If you get it hooked up to the internet, I will dominate you in boxing.

    The Wii is an awesome thing, it is.

  3. Jamie R Says:

    Boxing, figures, you’ve got no neck I bet.

  4. mjb Says:

    Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

    I do have a neck. But wrists are probably thicker than your chicken legs.

  5. metaljaybird Says:

    Sheesh, I just realized you’re still drunk blogging at this point.

  6. Jamie R Says:


  7. eric Says:

    4 or 5 years ago we did the kitchen thing for the girls…I assembled that thing well into Christmas morning. The next year it was bikes…thankfully, this year there was no assembly required.

    this year we got the poor mans wii…it ran about $40 and has enough for the kids occupied.

    Have a great New Years

  8. mjb Says:

    What’s the poor man’s wii? I’m always interested in knockoffs!

  9. eric Says:

    Cheap and simple.

    Check out “eric makes music” for the only gift that I received other than underwear….

  10. metaljaybird Says:

    Nice gift! Now you have no excuse to play more.

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