Close to a No Hitter

Schilling pitched a fantastic game.  Basically 2 pitches away from a perfect game (no thanks to the error let off by Lugo).  With 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth, he let off a hit that took away the elusive no hitter.  Got the next batter to end the game.

Yankee fanjoe walked by a few minutes ago and said Schill choked.  Choked?  The guy pitched a complete game allowing 1 hit to win the game 1-0.  Not many pitchers can do that, especially those in their 40’s.   The hatred Yankee fans have towards Schilling is so hilarious.  Even when he does a phenomenal job, they find a sliver of a mistake.  Schilling has been a Yankee killer for years now, starting with 2001, continuing in 2004, and probably will do so until he retires from the game.

I don’t go around blabbing my mouth every time the Sox hand Rivera a blown save.  A win is a win, no matter how you get it, and yesterday was spectacular on Curt’s part.

Here’s hoping Curt wins another WS Ring with the Red Sox!

11 Responses to “Close to a No Hitter”

  1. Curt Schilling Says:

    Who takes TV baseball seriously? ESPN & Disney invests 2.6 BILLION into this corked bat, meaningless statistics, steroid and amphetamine based freak show—and resells the air time for a whopping $2 BILLION in profit.

    I understand George Mitchell, Disney/ESPN Chairman’s silly steroid cover up—but not why fans believe in this theater of the absurd.

    Curt Schilling, Roger Clemens, Tom Glavine, Randy Johnson, Barry Bonds were washed up long ago. But beacuse MLB created their stats and Q ratings—they stay in the show whilst superior athletes are kept out.

    You are watshing pure theater (on drugs too)—NOT sport.

    They lie, cheat, fix and dope for money. Your money.

  2. metaljaybird Says:

    I wouldn’t put Bonds and Schilling in the same sentence. Major League Baseball is a highly competitive sport. This is why there are always going to be cheaters. Schilling has not been shown to cheat, as is evidenced by his less then spectacular performances this season.

    If there is one sport that is fixed, to me it is probably professional basketball. The whole draft lottery scheme is a sham.

    There might be some superior athletes kept out of baseball. I’m willing to bet that most of those that claim this cannot hit a Schilling sinker when he is on.

  3. Curt Schilling Says:

    With or without the corked bat and a friendly wink????

    MLB is pure theater. ESPN/Disney invest $2.6 BILLION in this charade.

    Tom Cruise versus John Travolta. Poser versus poser.

    MLB is a mix of talent and aging marketing brands wheeled out on Bute (horse corticosteroids), steroids and amphetmines throwing to corked batters.

    Hardly a Corinthian display.

  4. metaljaybird Says:

    Well, believe what you may about baseball. I’m a long time fan, long suffering too, the pain released in 2004.

    Please grant a modern sport that is not surrounded by conspiracy. You won’t.

  5. Curt Schilling Says:

    If conspiracy means TV programmed for maximum revenues, then yes
    MLB is a black box of private meetings, doping, marketing, ESPN-Disney requirements, demographic trends, alcohoil sales, gaming interest royalties, federal exemption from illegal business practices.

    Most intelligent people already know that. The Olympics are rigged for ratings too. Open phramcy too.

    Hardly a secret.

    I do recommend the WWE for the more open and honest theater show.

  6. metaljaybird Says:

    Fine. I’ll enjoy a baseball game once in awhile. I won’t get an ulcer worrying if Barry Bonds took steroids.

  7. Curt Schilling Says:

    You mean that every single player you watch is wacked out on:

    exogenous testsoterone
    Pot Belge (liquid amphetamine)
    Deca Durabolin
    Prozac, Paxil

    and uses a corked bat!

    Enjoy another beer with those toxic colossal hot dogs.

  8. metaljaybird Says:

    Oh please, CS. I drink maybe 1 beer a year. And I don’t have the money to buy a hot dog.

    What is it that you have against baseball? Were you in the minor league system and never got the call to the big show? There is not one sport you will be able to enjoy, because there will always be cheaters. Not one sport at all. I enjoy baseball, because, though they have had a few incidents of cheating revealed, I understand the extreme complexness of the sport. I understand that to throw a 90 mph fastball in a tiny strike zone is probably one of the hardest things to do. If a basketball player were to have a .300 shooting percentage, he would be out of the nba.

  9. Curt Schilling Says:

    What is it about disclosure that offends you so?

    Must you live in utter DeNile in order to enjoy a WWE-MLB pharma theater show?

    I love how a federally protected private monopoly partnered with Disney Holdings-ESPN can easily make fools out of consumers who accept fraud as a treasured passion.

    Meaningless statistics, fixed outcomes, corked bats, variable strike zones, shrinking fence lines, steroids, amphetamines, drunk drivers (LaRussa & Hancock), philandering and empty denials and aging stars make for a silly show.

    The frauds with microphones fill in the script.

    I guess Prozac, Paxil and marijuana are better to watch this pharmacy act, than are hot dogs and beer. Clearly the players agree with me.

  10. metaljaybird Says:

    Look, I already stated my thoughts on this, you yours. You haven’t convinced me, it is an argument that is not worth beating a dead horse over.

  11. Curt Schilling Says:

    Actually it is.

    Barbaro is a dead and doped horse. Much like ESPN-WWE-MLB!

    You can love the ‘idea of baseball’ but NEVER the actual dirty business of fraud, fixes, corked bat, fake stars, steroids, amphetamines, drunken managers and players, philandering and a federal exemption from oversite.

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