Chargers – Shut Down Like Momma’s Prohibition Era Bartap

Critics left and right (including myself) were shut up after last nights routing of the San Diego Chargers.  LTjr was beat around like a stretch armstrong doll getting handled by a couple 5 year old boys.  What a game played by Tom Brady and company.

Hopefully the doubters will see just how talented this team is and give them credit.  If not, that is okay too, because I believe the critics simply fanned the fire of the New England Patriots.   They’ve quieted me down.

The magic number is down to 9.  Should have been down to 7.  Schilling pitched quite a game last night, but the mismanagement of Tito left us watching Captain Jeter take the game ball home.  Clemens seemed to be like the old Clemens last night with a only a few hits allowed after 7 innings of play.  I really thought this was the game for the Red Sox.

The Red Sox are leaving me in sweats as usual.  Can’t wait for the season to finally be over just so my pulse rate average goes back down below 80 bpm.  Odds are saying to bet on the Red Sox to win the division, the Yankees the Wild Card.  We’ll see.  I am not putting my money anywhere yet.  This whole season has been best titled with the phrase, “It is too early to tell.”  Seems like it will be too early to tell for another week.

Beckett pitched a gem on Saturday, and with the 10-1 routing, the Sox actually scored more runs total the entire weekend then the Yankees.  Beckett should  be a shoo-in for the Cy Young Award, and he’ll lock it up once he gains his 20th this week.

All in all, not a total loss for the Red Sox this weekend.  Losing 1 is better then losing 3.  Friday should have been ours, but time to look forward to the playoffs.


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