The Fear of the Lord

Genesis 22 has one of the purest examples of the fear of the Lord. Here’s Abraham with his only son. He wakes up one day, and is informed by God that he is to take Isaac to the mountains and sacrifice him.

Just as he was about to carry out the sacrifice, God stops him and tells him not to slay his only son, he provided a ram for the sacrifice.

Because of this fearful obedience, the nation of Israel sprung forth.

Abraham passed the test.


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5 Responses to “The Fear of the Lord”

  1. Joseph Says:

    You know it is interesting that you should bring up the topic of the fear of the Lord. It seems to me that a lack of just that is one of the most significant problems in the American Church at the moment. I always roll my eyes when someone reads a passage of scripture that uses the phrase “fear of the Lord” and begins by qualifying it (often with something like, “this doesn’t mean you should be afraid…).

  2. metaljaybird Says:

    Oh, I hear you, Joseph. God is to be feared, and that also means we should be afraid. He could easily kill us off if He wanted.

  3. escapedmentalpatient Says:

    What a wonderful life you religious freaks must have, waking up shit scared every morning…

  4. mjb Says:

    Wow, you haven’t stopped over hear in a couple years. The thing is, I don’t wake up scared shitless. One thing is, you might be so bold right now in your chosen ignorance of God, but if you have a Road to Damascus experience, you’ll be singing a different tune…and probably become legally blind.

  5. Joseph Says:

    Everyone is afraid of something. I do not, myself, wake up every morning “shit scared.” If you have ever seen a ten-foot brown bear, you would probably be afraid of ten-foot brown bears– that doesn’t mean you would wake up every morning worried about brown bears. I don’t even wake up in my tent in the Brooks Range worried about brown bears. I still have a healthy and genuine fear of brown bears, though. This is not a re-defining of the word fear, either. If you want to hurl insults– don’t sound like a complete idiot. Life is too short. Grow up.

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